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uncalled for. >> the relationship between the community and law enforcement is strange. >> he says those concerns are shared by many in the community and it is time that the elected officials step up. >> transparency and honesty and integrity, they don't feel they have that right now. what dialogue can we create to ensure that we have that, it is quite frankly does not exist right now. >> the the community mourning andy lopez, the community can heal. >> just know that this thing is not going to be in vein. >> we have to do this from occurring again. we have to start building and focusing on bringing the community together and better relationships between law enforcement and the community. >> before the funeral service, more than 1000 people marched for andy lopez today of the largest to be held in his name. >>> protestors made their way t shauf in sew shauf in santa rosa. >> i came as a father and my heart is broken for the family. >> the question was whether the teen would be kill if he was white instead of latino. it was only later they discovered it was an air soft bb gun made it look
. the ntsb has tried to fix the problem. >> ntc for years has advocated for a change in state law that would require any car once it leaves the lot to actually have a license plate. >> reporter: but so far, they have had no success in sacramento. >> those folks that are using the toll bridges and not paying for that crossing put a greater on us who do pay our tolls. >> reporter: tonight i checked with the ntc and they said anyone who is caught violating the tolls and going through without a plate faces fines of $25 and up. they plan to continue working with the legislator to try and change the laws. reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now the ntc wants the legislature to require all vehicles to have either a permanent plate or a temporary numbered plate at all times. one proposal would be to require dealer to print and install temporary paper plates before a car leaves the lot. the number would then be entered into the dmv data base. >>> new at 10:00, oakland police are investigating a shooting at the value inn hotel at west mcarthur boulevard. it
roll out, these marketplaces will work laws massachusetts has shown that the model works. >> the affordable care act or obamacare was based on the former governor mitt romney. >> all the parade of horribles, the worst predictions about healthcare reform in massachusetts never came true. >> the obama administration has come under fire in recent days after hundreds of thousands of americans received cancelation notices from insurance companies because their individual health plans don't meet minimum standards set by the law. >> people like choices, and as i said, some people want to have chardonnay out of a piece of crystal stem wear and some people want a beer out of a red solo cup. >> they apologized for the botched web site. >> i'm as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of now security issues are a concern, which could be worse than the technical issues americans have had on the site. >> we found out an end to end test hadn't been had on security, not functionality. >> mitt romney obtained the plan should not be used as a model for the c
's people at dolores park planning to break city law in order to protest a proposed law to close the parks at night. it's a chilly night for a camp out in san francisco. but a hot button issue has a few protesters ready to spend the night at dolores park. >> this is also about criminalized poverty. >> they're proposing legislation to give parks uniformed closing time. >> the people who are in the parks at night aren't all causing trouble. they're people who are down on their luck and have nowhere to go. >> reporter: some neighborhood associations think it's about time. >> do you use the park between midnight and 5:00 a.m. >> no, as gavin newsom once said, nothing good happens after midnight. >> reporter: san francisco is the only major city in the country without a uniformed closing time for its parks. supervisor scott weiner sponsored the proposal. >> there's nothing more frustrating than to see vandalism in our parks. >> reporter: in may of last year, vandals struck the newly constructed dolorer park one day after it opened. vandals have caused millions of the dollars a year most of it h
and said tsa and i shook my head and he kept going. the fbi said law enforcement shot and wounded the gunman. a note on the suspect made his intend to harm the tsa clear. he addressed them in the letter and stated he wanted to "instill fear into their traitorous minds." >> law enforcement said ciancia originally from new jersey sent text messages to family saying he was unhappy and discouraged living in los angeles. >> it was to his little brother and they had concern about it. >> police say ciancia had no history of violence or record of mental illness. >> gerardo hernandez was with the tsa for eight years. he was devoted to his family and ready to help anyone in need. he came to southern california at the age of 18 and graduated from los angeles high school. he is survived by a wife, a son and daughter. >> people in the gunman's hometown are stunned by his arrest. >> i am trying to process it. >> police have been surrounding ciancia's family home. the suspected shooter lived at the home before moving to los angeles two years ago. flights in and out of the area are back to normal
of the new health care law. the obama administration has named a general contractor to fix the health care site and says the task will be completed by november 30th. former office of management and budget director jeff zients will run the project. he says the website is fixable. meanwhile, consumers might use the delay to learn more about the health care law. a bankrate study finds almost half of uninsured consumers still aren't clear on what it can do for them. "so i think that points to a failure of the messaging. a failure to communicate to people where they can go to learn about the law and how it can impact them." republican lawmakers are threatening to issue a subpoena for documents addressing heathcare exchange glitches. they say they are giving heath care officials until tonight to hand over any material. salaries in asia are surging. china daily reports executives in the asia pacific region have the highest salaries in the world. base pay for some top execs tops 243 thousand dollars. chinese companies are reportedly trying to hold onto top-level talent due to a seve
measures. >> reporter: there is heightened security here at oakland international and at sfo. the law enforcement here provided by the alameda county sheriff's department, at sfo by san francisco police, but every department has its own agreement with their named airport. for the most part it's any given moment at any major airport. there are established minimum response times for officers. flight cancellations and delays led to frustration and confusion at oakland international today. >> i heard this morning about the shooting, so i knew it was going to be a long day and when i got here after i got up to the counter i found out my flight had been canceled. >> reporter: wait and see was the attitude most passengers seemed to have about their travel plans and about the tsa shooting investigation. nobody we spoke with believed there's a broader problem with airport security. >> we can't all stop living our life because there's crazy people. >> reporter: aviation consultant mike mccarren says tsa screeners are not armed because they are regulators, not law enforcement, but they are pro
>>> law enforcement is making its presence known this halloween as thousands of people head out for a night on the town. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we go live to patti lee. >> reporter: frank, the castro is still the place to be. this is a celebration that draws people from not just the bay area, but the world too. but for others it's a yearly tradition. street theater at its best. for some a lot of planning to wear the perfect costume. >> we have kramer here, of course. >> elane. >> why? >> because we have to teach her how to dance. >> i'm a disco-naut. a disco astronaut. we've all carried out the same theme. >> reporter: city leaders scaled back the street party in recent years after a violent clash. police are on foot pushing people along. still fans say this remains a great celebration. >> i've always been a fan. i'm catholic, so this is a scare away the spirits. tomorrow it's the saintly day. >> reporter: earlier we saw police reprimand for public drunkenness. happy halloween, amber lee, ktvu news. >>> more details now in 2004 and 2005 a to
are determined to kill the new law- rather than finding health care solutions for millions of uninsured americans. home prices shot up sharply in big cities during the past year. case shiller reports- home prices in twenty large markets rose 12.8% - the fast pace since 2006. las vegas home prices moved up the quickest at 29%. despite the gains other indicators point to a cooling in the housing market. a dutch bank will pay $1 billion dollars to bring its libor maniulation scandal to an end.. employees working at rabobank were accused by u.s. and british authorities of rigging the london interbank offered rate. the rates were used as the bank was lending millions of dollars for mortgages, car loans, student loans and complex financial derivatives. wal-mart plans to promote about 25-thousand store employees. the nation's largest retailer has faced criticism over worker pay and opportunity. the promotions will reportedly take place in 15 markets before the end january. as it continues to struggle with declining sales, sears is considering spinning off its lands end and auto center businesses. la
-t company of circumventing immigration laws to bring thousands of low paid workers to america. infosys has been under investigation for visa abuse since 2011. the company will face no criminal charges or admit doing anything wrong. it's official -- social security benefits for nearly 58 million people will increase 1.5% next year. the cost of living increase came about two weeks late due to the government shutdown. the increase is a small one because consumer prices have not gone up very much this past year. the social security cola adjustments are tied to that number. just in time for christmas barnes and noble introduces a new 'nook' e-reader. but will it be enough to help the beleagured book seller? lighter and brighter with an extended 8-week battery life, the new reader is a hit with critics -- but questions about whether there is a market for e-readers and whether barnes and noble will even be around in the future are weighing on the device's debut. a new roundup of the world's most powerful figures ranks russia's president in the top spot. vladimir putin booted president obama out
to follow their obligations in accordance with the law. >> reporter: the attorney says his client is getting out of the nursing home business. ken pritchett, ktvu news. >>> one of the most influential singer-song writers of a generation has died. lou reed died today at the age of 71. he's been called father of indy rock a punk poet who broke ground for the new wave punk and alternative wave movement of the 1970s, 80s an 90s. deena toley takes a look at his life and legacy. >> reporter: singer song writer and guitarist lou reed has died. reed was the legendary leader of the 60s cult bound velvet underground successfully opening rock music to the avant- garde. reed said he loved making the music he called beautiful. >> i'm trying to make something that is really simple. make something i would listen to. >> reporter: reed was sober since the 1980s following decades of hard partying. he thrived as a solo artist. he stayed true to his roots. >> everything that matters is out of new york. everybody knows that. >> reporter: fame awarded reed with many opportunities, including a prize from arts and
would the alameda county's sheriff department. the law enforcement armed. because the tsa is a regulatory body screeners are not armed but they are protected. according to aviation consultant mike mccarren there are panic buttons at security checkpoints and law enforcers are expected to respond within an agreed upon response time. generally one minute to 1-1/2 minutes. at l.a.x. authorities said they were on seen almost immediately. janet hayes a flight attendant for the past 20 years says despite today's shooting she feels safe going to work at airports. >> anything can happen any time any where. so this doesn't shake my confidence in going to work because, millions of people do this every single day without incident. >> reporter: aviation consultants say the only way to protect against what happened today would be to add another security checkpoint. some where on the outside to screen people before they walk inside the airport. in oakland, patti lee, ktvu news. >>> the obama administration says the fixes to the health care website were slow due to computer crashes but th
a semi automatic rifle into the world third's largest airport. >> reporter: law enforcement officials saying he is being heavily sedated and under armed guard. he said he acted alone and had been dropped off at the airport by a friend. his motivation appeared centered around a grudge. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. he addressed them at one point in the letter and stated he wanted to quote instill fear into their traderous minds. >>> a billion dollars is being spent here since 9/11. >> obviously this gives us great concern. >> reporter: despite shift changes for officers there's no way of telling whether friday's tragedy could have been averted. at l.a.x., dominique nilotali. >>> we also have this other story about airport activity. >> just days after the l.a.x. shooting a bomb scare today at the birmingham shuttles worth airport. an employee found a note in the men's bathroom warning that a bomb was in the terminal. they say that threat turned out to be a false. the terminal reopened two hours later. >>> the family of a sant
a month. >> reporter: a new law 30 speed up the processing to ten days, but that still doesn't close the loophole. reporting live in walnut creek, janet katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> engineers thought that project would take only four years and cost $1.4 billion. it actually took 11 years and cost $6.4 billion. today, contra costa county state senator, announced an investigative hearing next month. he's chairman of the senate transportation committee. committee members want to ensure that big projects in the future, including the high speed rail project stay on budget. >>> the university of california's controversial new president laid out her vision for the 10 campus system tonight. janet napolitano has been on the job for a month, but has kept a low profile until now. heather holmes is live with napolitano's pledge. >> reporter: napolitano has faced criticism for not doing more to stop the deportation of immigrants. she said she's going to set aside millions to help students who enter the country illegally. >> thank you members of the commonwealth club. >> reporter: in her fi
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